Who are we?

Active Citizenship Aotearoa’s mission is to empower, engage and educate young New Zealanders to become active citizens.

We were founded in 2016 by a group of students from Victoria University of Wellington with the plan to create educational campaigns to equip young people to be active citizens, who understand and participate in the governance of their communities and realise the role they play.

As an entirely nonpartisan and independent organisation, we reflect a diversity of views and are not associated with any one political party or movement. Our intent is to give young people the tools to form their own perspectives and opinions, informed by reliable and impartial knowledge.

Why are we doing this?

Young people make up 20 per cent of the voting age population in New Zealand, yet have the lowest level of electoral enrolment across all age groups. They are failed by an inconsistent standard of education nationwide, and are not taught about voting, democracy or civic affairs in the way they are taught Shakespeare or Pythagoras’ theorem.

This is a critical issue. Without an understanding of their place in the democratic system, nor an ability to affect change, young people cannot hope to access, engage in or influence the debates, issues and problems that matter to them.