Our mission is to empower, engage and educate young New Zealanders to become active citizens.


Active Citizenship Aotearoa (ACA) believes that young people care about politics and want to affect change, but are being failed by an inconsistent standard of civic education nationwide. We are working to fill this knowledge gap, so that all young New Zealanders have the civic literacy to be able to realise their role in our democracy, and to bring their voice to the conversation.

We believe that high school students in Aotearoa New Zealand should receive comprehensive civics education. Participation from 18-24 year old's in the 2014 General Election was 62.73%, compared to the overall participation being 76.77% - a sizeable difference that is entirely attributable to the lack of education youth are given around government and civic affairs.

Providing young people in New Zealand with adequate civics education, including understanding of local and central government and Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi is vital for the inclusion of young people in national civic conversations.



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